Congratulations Richard!

You’ve take the first important step to getting CASH for your note. Before we dig into your Instant Quote, let’s answer some questions you may have…

How Do You Know The Terms of My Loan?

Simply put, we don’t know the specific terms of your loan, we had to calculate a quote for your based on some assumptions. We assumed that your loan:

  • was written for a 30 year term
  • has an interest rate of at least 8%
  • payments began 1 month after the sales date
  • had a down payment of at least 10%
  • borrower has at least a 680 credit score

Based on these assumptions, we ran a calculation to determine the amount we may be willing to pay for your loan.

Is This Quote an Offer to Buy My Loan?

No. Our FREE Instant Quote is based on assumptions with may or may not apply to your loan. This FREE Quote is intended to show the potential you have in selling your loan. Many note owners like yourself are unaware they can even sell their loan.

To get a custom quote, or to learn more about your options, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment to speak with one of our acquisition specialists.

An acquisition specialist will get the specific details of your note, get you a custom quote and work with you find a solution that best fits your financial needs.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… your FREE Instant Quote for your loan is…


Surprised? Higher than you expected? Lower? Either way, please remember this quote is automatically generated and may not reflect your note’s true value. The only way to know for sure is to speak with us about the specifics of your valuable note. There is no cost or obligation to find out the true value of your note!

We respect your time. In order to get you a quote quickly, please provide as much of the information below as possible. This will allow us to begin working on your quote in advance of our appointment. Fill out the form below to book an appointment!

  • When did you sell this property?
  • How much did your buyer pay for the property?
  • How much did the buyer put down to purchase the property?
  • How much money did the buyer borrow?
  • How long is the loan, in years?
  • What is the interest rate on the loan?
  • When did the buyer make the first payment on the loan?
  • How much is the buyer paying monthly?
  • Has the buyer made all payments on time and in full?
  • How much does the buyer still owe on the loan?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.