How To Sell A Note?

Step 1: Find a great note buyer. Congratulations, you’re done with this one already!

Step 2: Gather your note information. Dig out that shoe box, root through those file folders, visit the safe-deposit box and round up all that paper. Use this checklist to make sure you found everything.

Step 3: Fill out our easy form. Grab yourself a beverage and relax while you request a quote. Here is a hint, all that paperwork from step two will come in handy now.

Step 4: Our turn. Good job, your part is mostly done! Go treat yourself, get a snack, enjoy a good book or just dream about what you’ll do with all that cash while we get to work crunching the numbers, checking the dots on those i’s and the crosses on the t’s. We’ll get you a quote as quickly as we can.

Step 5: Our turn again, but more exciting for you! We’ll present our quote to buy your note (I’m a poet, and I didn’t know it!). It’ll be the best offer we can make, we promise!

Step 6: You decide whether to take us up on our offer. Remember, it’s a no-obligation quote. If you like our style and want to do business with us, just sign the contract we included with the quote and send us copies of all that paper from step two. Then we will start the due diligence process. Don’t sweat getting us the paper, we can cover the stamps if you like keeping the postal folks in business, or you can send it to us digitally. Once all the accountants, lawyers, underwriters and middle managers are happy, we will set up a closing and YOU GET PAID FOR YOUR NOTE.

A little bit of small print: Once we get your info, we’re usually able to quickly make you our BEST CASH OFFER FOR YOUR NOTE. From there, we can close promptly if all the paperwork is available and everything passes due diligence efficiently. We don’t like it when folks lead us on and then fail to do what they promised and we assume you don’t either, so here it is straight: every note is different and getting them priced out and ultimately closed can take some time. We strive to be efficient and timely, and we promise to keep you informed throughout the process, but some notes take more work than others. The process goes much faster and more smoothly if you have ALL of the paperwork (see Step two). Some of the factors that can lengthen the timeline include missing paperwork, poor documentation of payment history, or borrower’s credit not checking out as initially represented.