About Us

Positive Note Solutions provides win-win solutions to help note owners sell real estate notes today! Sell your note and cash out now rather than waiting months or years.

Positive Note Solutions is a note buying company based out of Overland Park, KS.  We buy and sell notes throughout the United States.  Positive Note Solutions is a family owned business that focuses on helping private mortgage note owners like you find solutions to your problems.  Whether you’re tired of collecting payments and handling tax paperwork with a note, need cash to reinvest elsewhere,  or need cash to pay off debts, we can help you get cash quickly from your note payments.

How We Work With Note Holders

At Positive Note Solutions, our goal is to buy notes fast at fair prices.  Selling us a note is an easy process.  First, we’ll need to know some details about the note including the address of the property that secures it, the current unpaid balance, the terms and some information about the borrower.  Once you’ve provided us this information, we will get you a quote.  After you decide to move forward, we’ll need you to start collecting all the necessary paperwork so we can work through the due diligence process.  Once everything checks out, we’ll get a date scheduled to close and get you paid.  If you have questions about the process, feel free to give us a call, we’d love to talk you through it.

Our Team

Robert Becker

I’m a note investor who loves helping people get cash out of their seller financed mortgage notes.  I enjoy the challenges that come with creative finance and solving problems faced by note holders.  I have a background in supporting technology and that experience has taught me to listen, get to the root of problems quickly and come up with solutions.  I know that seller financing is often a tool of last resort and that many people end up with notes that they no longer want, but don’t know how to sell.  I have a strong team that can work through the toughest deals.

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